That’s the only way that I can describe the last couple of months! Miraculous! But first things first:

The last you heard, our bus engine had blown out on the side of the road and we were in quite a pickle… That was on June 8th.

That afternoon, after we finally got the bus off of the road, we got on the phone with our mechanic (& very dear friend of ours) to figure out what the problem was. We described to him what was happening, and he told us that basically the engine was shot. We were lucky that it wasn’t in pieces on the ground! It was an older engine that had over a million miles on it. So we knew it was bound to give out sooner or later…we just weren’t expecting it to be “sooner”!

Since we were on our way to the beginning of our Ohio Tour, we had to find a way to continue onward. So we started by transferring everything that we would need for a month-long tour (sleeping bags, mattresses, suitcases, “small children’’) and loading it in the van & equipment trailer, as well as removing everything that we wouldn’t need & storing it in the bus bays.
This wouldn’t have been that difficult of a task, if it wasn’t in Kentucky & over 95 degrees!

But finally, after about 2 hours of hardcore packing, we had the bus parked & we were in the van on our way to Ohio. After that, Dad called our mechanic back to see what could be done and how much it would cost. He told us he would do some research & call us back after a little while. In the mean time, Dad had Mom contact the bank to see how much we had; they told us we had a total of $300.00. About that time, our mechanic called back & told us that the Engine & the Transmission had been totally worn out! He said he would the very best he could to be as inexpensive as possible, but the absolute best price he could find for all the parts was $18,000.00(Ouch)!

So we started praying. At our concerts, we tell people to trust in the Lord & to walk by faith; and now it was time for us to personally do the same! So we called our mechanic and told him to start repairs on the bus. We told him we were about to start a concert tour through Ohio so we would take whatever we made, withdraw only what we needed, and send him the rest to pay for parts & labor.
With that, we took off towards Ohio; fully relying on God every step of the way.

After 5 more hours of travelling in the car, we finally made it to Eaton Ohio. We met with the Pastor of the first church we were going to sing for. We told him about what had happened & he graciously welcomed all ten of us into his home. There are very few people who are brave (or crazy) enough to take in ten extra house guests! There is a special place in heaven for people like that.

We got to our show the very next evening and told the audience what had happened. We told them that we did not have enough money to fix our bus…but our Boss does! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills as well as the hills that they are standing on, so we will trust in Him to provide for us. We resolved to, literally, walk by faith no matter what! And then…

Things went crazy! God honored our faith & provided for us like we couldn’t even imagine! We told our story to every church we sang for & we never missed a single show on our tour schedule! People would buy CDs & Books hand over fist to support us. They would also discreetly slip us $100 bills here & there telling us to put it towards our bus. God also provided places for us to stay throughout the entire tour, so we always had a place to stay. We would stay in places from hotels to people’s basements (& everywhere in between). This went on everywhere we went for a little over 2 months. So by the end of the tour, our mechanic called & told us that the bus was finally finished!

We were so excited! We drove the van to Chambersburg Pennsylvania (where the bus was) & met with our mechanic to bring him the final payment. We spoke with him once we got there, & he said with the engine, the transmission, the labor, & towing it there, the final tally was $21,000.00. We had not really been counting what we had sent him so far; we just sent it as God provided it. So when we asked him how much we still owed him, we were shocked to find out that so far, we had paid all but $4,700.00!

So Dad asked Mom how much we had left in the bank, and it was exactly $5,000.00!! Just for the record, in all of the years that we have been singing, we have never made that much money in a single tour! Ever! It was totally & 100% provided by God! So Dad wrote him a check & we drove away in the bus. But before we did, our mechanic told us that there is an upside to all of this: The brand new engine & transmission that we have will be good for another million miles!

Just to top it all off, we were driving away and Sam (as he normally does) just randomly burst into laughter. Dad, looking at him like he was crazy, asked him what on earth was so funny. He caught his breath long enough to answer Dad’s question with a question: How much money do we have left in the account? Dad checked, & started laughing right along with Sam. It was $300.00!! The same amount we had before the bus even broke! That was just one more little thing to prove that God had us taken care of!

I’ll end this story with three ever so simple, but still ever so true words!

God. Answers. Prayers.

This entry was posted on December 09th, 2011

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