The Family

The Weaver Family

The WEAVER BELIEVER SURVIVAL REVIVAL family band sings and plays in a unique mixture of bluegrass, southern gospel and country music. This has been helpful in bridging the gaps between all three different genres. Their banjos, guitars, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass and acoustic bass instruments allow them to move in the different circles with a high energy, fast tempo, toe tapping type of sound. With their tight harmony and one of a kind family group, it's sure to be a performance not easily forgotten. They travel all over the country ministering in churches and other venues. Over the past 10 years of their music career, the children's youthful appeal has turned into genuine talent, with several national awards to their credit ~ continually receiving return invitations wherever they go. Having been playfully called "the modern day Partridge Family" or the "von Trapps of southern gospel/bluegrass/country music," they continue to enjoy traveling and spending quality time together encouraging audiences of all ages by "Spreading God's Word ~ Family Style."

Anna Ruth Weaver

Anna (26) is one of our twins as well as our Bassist & mezzo soprano for our band. Anna is also the author of our group & has thus far published two books with her third well on the way. Over January of 2012, Anna got engaged to her fiancee who is in the Air Force & they're planning for a wedding this April. So Anna will be retiring from road life to live in Panama City, Florida with her husband Ryan & pursue her writing career.

Angela Michelle Weaver

Michelle (26) the elder of our twins, is our Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist, as well as our Sound Technician & Bus Driver. She is also our Band Spokesperson, Resident Roller-coaster Addict, & Motorcycle Enthusiast. While we were in the Recording Studio this year in Arkansas, Michelle got engaged to her fiancee, Tom Lepore, who will be joining our family band full time as both a musician & an assistant sound tech. They plan on a wedding this June.

Samuel Paul Weaver

Sam (24) is our Fiddle player, Banjo player, Vocalist, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Novice Composer, Instrument Tech, Website Administrator, Equipment Trailer & Bus Organizer, Social Media PR Individual, Resident IT Guy, Aspiring Music Video Editor & Unofficial Roadie! :) Sam is our resident live wire & loves bringing his larger than life personality to the stage with his highly energetic performance style.

James Parker Weaver

Jimmy (22) is our former Guitarist. He has retired from life on the road as of March 2012 & currently lives & works near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with his wife, Autumn.

Stephen Garret Weaver

Stevie (20) is our Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Aspiring Bus Driver, Resident Cell Phone Addict, & Primary Causer of Shenanigans! Stevie hasn't had a shy bone in his body since he was 2 years old & not much has changed since then. His crazy antics both on stage & off ensures that there is never a dull moment in the Weaver Family.

Michael Abram Weaver

Michael (18) Is our our Upright (or Doghouse) Bass player, Sound Engineer, & Navigator. Michael is extremely resourceful for his young age & even though he spends a lot of his time behind the scenes & appears quiet & reserved, there is a mischievous side to him that loves to pull practical jokes; keeping his siblings constantly on their toes!

Sarah Elizabeth Weaver

Sarah (16) is our youngest daughter as well as our acoustic violinist & vocalist. Sarah is our resident picture enthusiast, sketch artist & band photographer. She is rarely seen without her camera, her cell phone, & her wire hair dachshund puppy, Pumpkin.

Jonathan Austin Weaver

Jonathan (13) is the youngest but by no means the least of our motley crew & is also our aspiring rhythm guitarist & vocalist. One of the last three Weaver kids still in school, his favorite subjects (besides Lunch & Recess) are Science &, of course, Music.

Paul and Chris Weaver

PAUL is first & foremost, our Dad 😊 He is also our MC, Songwriter, Composer, Manager, & all around Fearless Band Leader! He is our Banjo Player & Tenor Vocal, as well as being the very reason that The Weaver Believer Survival Revival even exists! CHRIS is our Beloved Momma 😊 Among many other things, She drives the van & equipment trailer. She is our Booking Agent, Website Administrator, Homeschool Teacher, Chief Cook & Bottle-washer, Resident Coffee Addict, & Official Kisser of all Boo Boos! (whew) She is also our Lead Mandolinist & Alto all her spare time! Mom & Dad have been married for 26 years come January!

The Weavers

banjo, sings tenor
mandolin, sings alto
rhythm guitar, sings lead
acoustic bass, sings mezzo soprano,high tenor
fiddle,banjo, and sings bass
guitar, sings 2nd tenor and 2nd alto
upright bass, sings melody
fiddle, sings melody
guitar,train whistle, sings melody